Rumours: Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S23 Screen Size

Samsung Enthusiasts are thrilled to hear about the bigger screen size of the new Samsung launch. But is this rumor going to be true?

Here we have jotted down a few tweets and opinions from Tech gurus. 

Ice Universe previously revealed a screen protector for the Glaxy S23 Ultra on their Twitter account, demonstrating that the Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner's size will be the same as that of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

S23 Ultra

That is not the case, it appears.

Ice Universe has received confirmation from a reliable source that the S23 Ultra's fingerprint scanning area will expand. It won't be as large, virtually taking up the entire bottom half of the display, but it will still be substantial.


"Since the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is already quite good, the news that the S23 Ultra will come with a better and larger one is just the cherry on top" says Saleem from Tech Talk TV.

Now, will the new Samsung flagship have a larger screen size or the same as its predecessor, What do you think? Stay tuned here for more such updates.