Bixby 101 - How to use Bixby on a Samsung Smartphone

Samsung's digital assistant, Bixby that, works similarly to Siri and Google Assistant. However, its extensive integration with system settings and specific third-party applications separates Bixby from Google Assistant and Siri. You can snap a picture, adjust the brightness, turn on and off auto-rotate, and reply to emails in Gmail on your phone with Samsung's voice assistant.

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How to Reset Samsung Phone?

Among the plethora of cell phone manufacturers, Samsung has emerged as a pacesetter, renowned for its modern capabilities, glossy layout, and user-pleasant interface. However, even the most advanced Samsung smartphones may encounter troubles over the years, leading customers to consider resetting their gadgets. Whether you're dealing with performance troubles or software glitches or want to begin cleaning, understanding how to reset your Samsung smartphone correctly is important.

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