All the rumours about Samsung's New Launch - Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features and more

 Samsung enthusiasts and fans are waiting for the new launch that Samsung brings in the first quarter of every year. Here are all the rumors we've heard from gadget times.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to be the flagship model in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 line, according to gadget times.

Additionally, gadget times said that the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra marked a major improvement over previous Samsung Galaxy S Ultra versions. because it features a design that is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is anticipated to outperform its predecessor in several ways. A bigger battery, quicker processing times, and the main camera with a claimed 200 megapixels are a few of them.

MDS as a premium Samsung Authorized Reseller, we have gathered all the biggest rumors we've heard about Samsung's upcoming flagship phone from gadget times, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, in anticipation of its release in a few months.

11 Biggest Rumors about Samsung S23 Galaxy:

1 - Release Date:

A safe assumption is given that Samsung has historically released new Samsung Galaxy S phones in January and February of each year. Samsung is on schedule, considering that a new model has already received Korean certification.

2 - Pricing:

Although the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone is uncertain, it will probably cost at least AED 4,500- AED 5,000 like the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra of today, When compared to its rivals, it is relatively gonna cost a lot more less!

3 - Design:

Rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have rounded corners, a curved screen, and cameras that are separated on the back.

4 - S Pen:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has an inbuilt S pen for doodling, one of its most distinctive features. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may be somewhat longer and broader than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the differences are claimed to be insignificant. Thus no alterations are ruled out.

5 - Display Screen:

According to Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a brand new screen. Although it would be difficult to outperform the 6.8-inch QHD AMOLED screen and its fully changeable LTPO 120 Hz refresh rate, Samsung may have a brighter or more effective display waiting to be installed as a welcome update.

6 - Body Design:

Given that the conventional S23 and S23 + have flat displays rather than curved ones, the rumor suggests that this variation may have larger bezels as well. This might not apply to the Ultra, although it might help to explain the Ultra's minor size increase.

7 - Camera:

The four cameras on the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra should remain, with one significant exception. The main camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is said to have 108 megapixels, but the next-generation model will supposedly have 200 megapixels. According to a dependable source, the three X and ten X optical zoom ratios on both Telephoto cameras will be retained, as well as their 10 MP sensors and ten MP sensors, respectively.

8 - Front Camera:

Last but not least, we anticipate a 40 MP front-facing camera integrated into the top center of the display. While it appears that only one of the five cameras is getting a big improvement, we are hoping that Samsung's launch of new software features and camera modes will help the S23 series secure a spot on our list of the best camera phones, says gadget times.

9 - Processor:

The rumor suggests that Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be powered by a combination of Snapdragon Eight, Gen Two, and the Exynos 2300. However, the rumors can't seem to settle on a single explanation. While some have predicted that the current variety of chips will persist, for the time being, others have predicted that Qualcomm will be the sole global supplier of Snapdragon chips for S23 models.

10 - Battery:

Rumors suggest that Samsung is powering the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the same 5000 milliamp-hour battery found in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, even though a larger battery would have been desirable.

Given that this dimension is typical for large Android phones, Samsung should have been able to extend the S23 Ultra's battery life.

11 - Charging:

In a variety of tests using custom batteries, the S22 Ultra did well. The regular S23's charging time isn't expected to alter, according to the rumors. With the appropriate charger, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may be charged at a minimum of 25 watts and possibly even up to 45 watts. Overall, the Galaxy S23 series appears to be getting minor tweaks rather than major upgrades.

While the rumor of a 200 MP camera and its potential to improve Samsung's most photography Focus phone has piqued our interest, we're also interested to see how the new chipset will affect performance and other aspects such as battery life.

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With all these rumors we can only wait to see which of these will turn out to be true. Stay tuned here for more such updates.