Rumours: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Chipset, Design & Camera.


The Bluetooth launch studio database, which is the method used by businesses to submit their devices for Bluetooth certification, has revealed the existence of a new Samsung chipset with a code name thought to allude to the Exynos 2300.

The newest Bluetooth standard 5.3, is supported by this chip, but no other information is provided. The most recent consensus among leakers on the Glaxy S23 series processor was that it will be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in every country, and remarks from Qualcomm's executives appear to confirm this hypothesis. However, the new exynosilicon's presence in the Bluetooth register implies Samsung still plans the ship the chip, which could imply that some Glaxy S23 phones will instead use the new internal Samsung chip.

Currently, Samsung divides the chipsets of its Galaxy S phones based on where you purchase them. Due to an existing agreement with Samsung to use its chips in that market. In UAE, Customers purchasing the currently available Samsung Galaxy S22 Series will receive a version with a Snapdragon processor. In contrast, the Exynos 2200 chipset is found in the global version. Perhaps the claims that the Glaxy S23 series will use Snapdragon chips from all over the world are inaccurate. Another scenario is that Samsung will put the chip in a different Galaxy handset or sell it to a different business.


Although the Glaxy S23 chip is still a mystery, the upcoming flagship seems to have a significantly revised look, and these fresh renders from 4RMD help to depict the potential adjustments. With the rumoured redesigned design for the Samsung Glaxy S23 Normal and Glaxy S23 Plus, as seen in this video, they now resemble the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra more, giving the lineup a more cohesive appearance. However, many things, including their rear camera's display size and quality, are said to remain the same. However, their front cameras might have a higher quality sensor and their battery capacity might also increase. Other reports claim that the Glaxy S23 Ultra won't get a significant redesign, although it may gain slightly flatter edges and a less pronounced display curvature.


The 200-megapixel main camera, which would enable higher res photographs than any of Samsung's main competitors, like the 48MP iPhone 14 Pro or 50 MP Google Pixel 7 Pro, is expected to be its main enhancement. More precise rumours claim that the phone could be unveiled in January, which would be sooner than usual, but still within the range of possibilities. With all these rumours we can only wait to see which of these will turn out to be true. Stay tuned here for more such updates.