Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 : Specs, Features & All you need to know

Samsung plans to release a clamshell folding phone in 2024 called the Galaxy Z Flip 6. The device's anticipated release date, which many believe will be around July 10, is becoming more and nearer. As is customary with every major phone unveiling, leaks and rumors are fueling the anticipation. 

Here, you can access a compilation of all the news about the foldable and what reliable leakers have to say about the Flip 6. This will assist you in being ahead of the game and providing you with the most precise expectation possible for the phone's formal unveiling.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Release Date 

High-end foldables from Samsung are often unveiled during an event called Summer Unpacked. The event normally happens in late July or early August, as per custom.

On July 26, the Flip, the forerunner of the Flip 6 was shown. There are currently rumors that the foldable will be available on July 10. The two phones should be available two weeks later if the prior announcement and delivery date timelines give any indication.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Price 

As of right now, the Flip 6's pricing is unknown, and leakers haven't been able to get their hands on this extremely sensitive data. Thus, it is anticipated that the Flip 6's price approach will stay the same for the time being. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Camera 

A foldable phone's cameras aren't exactly its strongest feature. Over time, foldables haven't really made cameras a priority or acquired the greatest sensors.

However, if speculations about the Galaxy Z Flip 6 are to be true, then perhaps things are about to change. Rumor has said that a 50 MP primary camera for the Flip 6 is in the pipeline. If accurate, the 12MP camera on the Flip 5 will be greatly improved by this.

You may anticipate a dual-camera arrangement with a 12MP ultra-wide like the Flip 5, in addition to an enhanced primary camera. The selfie camera located on the inside screen of the foldable device is expected to be the third camera, with a potential resolution of 10MP.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Storage 

When it comes to Samsung phones in general and foldable phones specifically, things are reliable. To start, there are two storage options for the Flip 5: 256GB and 512GB. The Flip 6 is probably going to be available in these two storage configurations as well. 

Power users are typically the target market for phones with larger storage capacities. Examples of such phones are the powerful Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Z Fold 5, both of which offer 1TB storage choices. Since the Flip 6 isn't marketed as a heavy-user phone, a 1TB storage variant could not be available. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Design 

Simply by virtue of their distinctive and recognized form factor, clamshell foldable phones immediately score higher on the design scale than other phones. According to leaks, the Flip 6 may come with an even larger exterior display, which would be an upgrade above the already pretty handy cover display.

The Flip 5 increased its usefulness and made improvements to the Flip 4's little exterior display, which wasn't really useful for anything. The Flip 5's 3.4-inch outside screen is a significant upgrade over the Flip 4's modest 1.9-inch outer screen.

With the Flip 6, apparently, things will get much better. The Flip 6's outside display might reach 3.9 inches. 

Even if there isn't much of a change from its predecessor, this will be a nice addition since it will allow you to accomplish even more tasks without constantly opening the phone.

Regarding hues, Samsung is renowned for providing exquisite hues for its high-end smartphones. Presumably, the Flip 6 will carry on the custom. To set it apart from its predecessor, it might be anticipated to see some new hues in addition to a white or beige, black, and purple-ish hue.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Display Specs 

At 3.9 inches, the Z Flip 6 will be much larger.  Perhaps the folding screen is going to be larger, too. Moreover, it's conceivable that the Flip 6's other display specifications won't change from the model it replaced.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Battery & Charging 

It's possible that the foldable phone's battery life may be improved. According to recent speculations, the Flip 6 could come with a 4,000mAh battery. If this turns out to be accurate, that's fantastic news. Actually, the news about battery advancements is always fantastic because there is always room for improvement when it comes to current phones.

The Flip battery hasn't been updated by Samsung for a long time. The 3,700mAh battery of the Galaxy Flip 5 from last year can be charged at 25W conventional and 10W wireless rates. The 2022 Flip 4, on the other hand, has the same battery specifications. Thus, it is very probable that this time around the Flip 6's battery performance will be improved.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Features & Software 

It is anticipated that the phone will launch with One UI 6 and Android 14, although it will most likely receive an update to One UI 7 and Android 15 in late 2024. Galaxy AI, one of Samsung's most anticipated innovations, is probably included on the Flip 6. Live translation, Circle to Search, photo editing capabilities, and other sophisticated generative AI techniques are among the generative AI services offered by Galaxy AI.

Aside from that, it is anticipated that the Flip 6 will also support the folding features seen in the Flip 5, such as Flex Mode. Samsung has lots of room to surprise us, here! 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: Hardware 

Samsung's clamshell foldables are equipped with the newest and most advanced chips available. This translates to a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 8GB of RAM for smooth multitasking (up to 12GB, supposedly), and 256GB of beginning storage for the Z Flip 6. Another anticipated option is a larger storage size of 512GB. A 1TB version is doubtful, as we already said. 

According to a new (and rather unexpected) report, the foldable may use an Exynos processor in some places. Samsung hasn't employed this tactic on any of its foldables yet. Furthermore, some might not be amused by this shift because Exynos processors have always performed less well than Snapdragon chips. 

In conclusion, those are the rumored updates on Samsung Flip 6, so far. Everything is yet to be verified during Samsung Flip 6’s big reveal!