Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Samsung's Galaxy S21 series hit shelves in early 2021, but despite being around a year ago, there are still plenty of rumors swirling about the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, or Galaxy S21 FE. The Galaxy S21 FE will replace the excellent Galaxy S20 FE, again likely striking the middle ground between price and functionality. Here's everything we've heard so far.
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition model was revealed in September 2020 and made available in October 2020.Has been asserted that there is a Samsung device with the SMG99B model number in the work which will likely be the Galaxy S21 FE and will be launched in the second half of 2021. More recent reports indicate that it will arrive at CES 2022, which will be held in January. There have been various rumors suggesting this, which means this time seems to be the most likely, especially as the end of 2021 is just around the corner. It was also reported that the device will be canceled due to a shortage of chips, although it is more obvious to suggest that it is happening than now, especially after the user manual appeared on the website of Samsung.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE featured a similar design to the Galaxy S20 series but made a few changes to reduce the price, such as a plastic back instead of glass. The Galaxy S21 FE is supposed to do the same but with a design similar to the Galaxy S21 and S21+. Rumors claim that it will come in Grey, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue and White colors with the purple being leaked by Samsung itself. It's likely to be water resistant, like the Galaxy S20 FE was and as a leaked user suggested in the manual and we'd expect a flat screen. Based on several leaked renders, the camera housing on the back of the S21 FE will drop into the frame, like on the Galaxy S21, but it will be more traditional and of a simpler design overall. The case also appears to be the same color as the rest of the back rather than a different color like the Galaxy S21. It has also been claimed that there is no microSD card slot and 3.5mm headphone jack.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has a 6 screen.5-inch display with Full HD+ resolution, although rumors claim that the Galaxy S21 FE will have a 6.4 inch display with Full HD + resolution. This, however, puts it between the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ in terms of size. The S21 and S21+ also have a Full HD+ display and both come with a 120Hz variable refresh rate. Since the Galaxy S20 FE retained the 120Hz refresh rate from the Galaxy S20 series , it's likely that the S21 FE will also offer a faster refresh rate, although it's unclear if it will offer a variable refresh rate. A flat screen is likely to be for the Galaxy S21 FE as well, along with a centralized punch-hole front camera. It will also likely be a Super AMOLED panel. Rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will come in 128GB and 256GB storage options, like its predecessor. As mentioned, it has been suggested that the S21 FE will not offer microSD support for storage expansion, which the Galaxy S21 and S21+ also do not offer.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE


Reports say it will be a 5G device, which we expect, although it's unclear if there will also be an LTE model like in the Galaxy S20 FE. It is also rumored to run on Android 11. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S21 FE will run either Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100, depending on the region, like the Galaxy S21 series. 6GB of RAM was reported to be a little less than the Galaxy S21 8GB of RAM and 12GB of RAM was also mentioned.


The battery capacity is claimed to be 4370mAh, although there was also a report of 4500mAh and the S21 FE would offer 25W fast charging support, although it's still unclear if the charger itself will be included in the package.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE featured a triple rear camera with the same main camera as the Galaxy S21+. It lowered the resolution of the telephoto lens and increased the resolution of the front camera. It also has the same resolution ultrawide camera as the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ but with smaller pixels. Rumors concerning the Galaxy S21 FE camera specs hint at a triple camera comprised of a 12megapixel, 32megapixel, or 64megapixel sensor, 12megapixel, and 8megapixel sensors. It's expected the makeup will be main, ultrawide, and telephoto. Reports state a 12megapixel front camera will also be on board the S21 FE, though there have also been claims this will be a 32megapixel selfie snapper.