Samsung Galaxy S24 - Could it be Samsung's First AI-powered Smartphone?

As the Samsung Galaxy S24's debut date draws near, there have been leaks of information on Samsung's first AI-powered smartphone. The Google Pixel 8, another smartphone that has been well-known for its AI capabilities for some time, will either match or surpass the abundance of AI features that the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are expected to have. A recent leak said that the Galaxy S24 series would have AI features like real-time call translation and circle search, among many others. On the social networking site X, rumors about Samsung's upcoming release date are still circulating.

So, could the Samsung Galaxy S24 be Samsung's first AI-powered smartphone? Yes! Here are some of the promised features:

1. A Circle Feature

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to come with an AI-powered circle search feature. In essence, this feature enables Galaxy S24 Ultra phones to independently search for words using circles.

2. A Voice Recorder

There's talk of a new voice recorder function that can identify up to ten voices. This recorder is quite useful for summarizing meetings and interpreting discussions.

3. Real-Time Translation

Rumor has it that the Galaxy S24 series will include on-device AI capabilities that will allow audio chats to be translated in real-time into 14 other languages. Without the need for extra programs, the lineup may enhance translation abilities in 35 languages.

4. Wallpapers

It seems that entirely AI-generated wallpapers will be one of the new features. This appears to be comparable to how AI-generated wallpaper is created in the vanilla Android 14 version. It looks like there is a wide range of colors and materials you may use as wallpaper prompts; it will be fascinating to see if additional specialized alternatives become available through downloads or outside sources. It seems that you will also be able to choose weather and portrait-style frame effects for your lock screen if you do not like AI wallpapers.

5. Built-in Photo Editor

The editor will be able to enlarge the photo's borders with AI support. For instance, the AI may fill the void left by an angled photo to enlarge it to its original size while straightening it out. It appears that the photo editor will also include the ability to drag and drop subjects to reposition them inside an image. This will greatly simplify what may otherwise be a challenging editing task to complete on the spot.

6. The Notes App

It appears that the Notes app will make use of AI capabilities as well. The Galaxy S24 will handle jumbled and disjointed notes by organizing them into a list with bullet points that includes handwritten note text retrieved as well.

7. Charging Features

During overnight charging, batteries are safeguarded and maintained by two charging features. When the user is ready to wake up, adaptive protection will raise the maximum charge level to 100% from its current limit of 80%. The greatest choice for battery longevity is Maximum Protection, which locks the charge level at 80% and won't go over it. But to use the function, you must regularly charge your phone. 

With much anticipation, three smartphones—the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra—are going to be part of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Although the precise dates are unknown, it is rumored that Samsung will introduce its flagship smartphones on January 17, 2024, in comparison to the launch schedule of the Galaxy S23 series, which went worldwide in the first week of February 2023.