How To Find My Samsung Phone

Losing your mobile phone, especially a Samsung device with its many features and personal data, can be a distressing experience. Fortunately, modern technology provides various methods to locate your Samsung phone quickly. You can find your Samsung mobile phone promptly using built-in or third-party options.

Samsung’s built-in features include Samsung Find My Mobile as well as Google Find My Device Integration. Here is an overview of how these two features work:

How To Use Samsung Find My Mobile App

Samsung provides an integrated tracking solution known as "Find My Mobile." You may remotely find, lock, or erase your smartphone using this function. How to Utilize My Mobile Find:

Step 1: Enable Remote Controls -  Verify that your device has enabled remote controls. Navigate to Find My Mobile under Settings > Biometrics and Security. If you don't already have an account, create one or log into your Samsung account.

Step 2: Find Your Device -  Enter your Samsung account credentials to access the Find My Mobile website ( after your device has been enabled. Click on 'Locate My Device' to see a map with your phone's current position.

Step 3: Extra Controls -  Find My Mobile provides extra features, including locking your smartphone, loudly ringing it, and even remotely erasing the data.

How to set up Google's Find My Device on Samsung Smartphone

Samsung devices are also integrated with Google's Find My Device service. This allows you to locate your phone using your Google account:

Step 1: Activate Find My Device -  Ensure that "Find My Device" is activated on your Samsung phone. Go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Find My Mobile > Find My Device.

Step 2: Access Google Find My Device -  Open the Find My Device website ( on a computer or another mobile device. Log in with your Google account, and you'll be able to locate your Samsung phone on a map.

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Third-Party Tracking app: SmartThings app by Samsung

Consider using third-party tracking apps, such as the SmartThings app by Samsung. This app offers location-tracking features. All you have to do is install the app on your device, create an account, and enable location tracking. In case of loss, log in to the SmartThings website to locate your device.

You may also consider utilizing Google Maps to locate your smartphone. Google Maps may be used to monitor your phone if Location History is enabled on your Google account. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of Google Maps after opening it, then choose "Your Timeline." This is where you can view the historical location of your Samsung phone.

You may also instantly share your position with reliable people using Google Maps. Click on your profile image while the app is open, then choose "Location sharing." Select the people you wish to share your location with.

Track your Samsung phone with Samsung Smart Tag Accessory

Samsung's SmartTag is a Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to your belongings, including your mobile phone. Pair the SmartTag with the SmartThings app to locate your phone. If your phone is within Bluetooth range, the SmartTag can make your phone ring, helping you find it quickly. If your phone goes out of Bluetooth range, the SmartTag can record its last known location on the SmartThings app. This provides a starting point for your search.

In conclusion, losing your Samsung phone can be an upsetting event, but the range of inbuilt and third-party monitoring solutions increases your chances of getting it back.

You may save a lot of grief and effort in the case of a loss by being proactive and setting up tracking options in advance, regardless of your preference for utilizing third-party applications, interacting with Google services, or using Samsung's internal capabilities. To make sure your monitoring settings continue to work, don't forget to periodically update them and be aware of your phone's security features.