Empowering Business Mobility: Unleashing the Potential of AI on Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 Series

Tablets represent a versatile toolset in the realm of business mobility. Beyond serving as personal productivity aides, they can function as kiosks, mobile point-of-sale terminals, or digital platforms for document signing. The integration of AI technology not only expands upon these capabilities but also enhances the performance of traditional tasks where tablets have become essential.

Currently, approximately 73% of U.S & 42% of UAE. companies have incorporated AI into various aspects of their operations, primarily within core functions like sales, marketing, and customer service. The next phase of AI integration lies in on-device AI, combining hardware optimized for AI computing with features tailored to mobile users. This sector is experiencing rapid growth, with projections from research firm Gartner indicating that AI-enabled mobile devices such as the Galaxy S24 and AI PCs like the Galaxy Book4 Series will constitute 22% of shipments across both categories in 2024.

Samsung stands at the forefront of innovation in this domain by integrating Galaxy AI into tablets like the Galaxy Tab S9 Series and offering a range of premium tablets equipped with AI capabilities to suit various business needs. This strategic approach empowers companies to leverage AI technology to foster creativity, facilitate borderless business transactions, and elevate routine tasks to extraordinary levels, all while safeguarding sensitive work data against leaks or misuse through the Knox Platform for Enterprise.

Renowned for its PC-like performance and intelligent multitasking features, the Galaxy Tab S9 Series now introduces Galaxy AI, which revolutionizes everyday work in three key areas:


The Galaxy Tab S9 Series, characterized by its lightweight design and a display range from 11 inches to a 14.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, caters to the needs of business professionals operating from diverse locations. Galaxy AI streamlines information management on these displays, offering assistance in summarizing, formatting, and translating content. For instance, unfamiliar terms encountered while reviewing a client's request for proposal (RFP) can be swiftly addressed by circling the term with a finger, triggering the Circle to Search with Google feature, which promptly provides relevant definitions.


Premium tablets not only facilitate individual tasks but also enable seamless communication with team members and clients. Galaxy AI features like Live Translate and Interpreter mitigate language barriers during international or local meetings, providing real-time translation capabilities. Additionally, Chat Assist enhances written communication by correcting errors and suggesting appropriate tones for various recipients, thereby fostering effective collaboration.


Galaxy Tab S9 Series empowers users to unleash their creative potential with features like Generative Edit, which refines photos by removing unwanted elements and adjusting colors, and Instant Slow-Mo, which transforms basic videos into captivating replays. These tools facilitate content creation without the need for extensive photography or videography expertise.

In terms of security and data control, Galaxy Tab S9 Series devices adhere to Google's Secure AI Framework, ensuring robust data protection measures. Integrated with Samsung Knox, these devices offer enterprise-grade security features such as multi-layered encryption options and strict data controls. Users have the flexibility to manage data processing preferences, choosing between on-device or cloud-based processing to align with their security requirements.

This commitment to security extends across the entire Galaxy ecosystem, underscoring Samsung's dedication to delivering AI-powered solutions that drive transformative outcomes for businesses of all sizes.