1. Who is eligible?

  • School/University student and teacher with Valid Student ID.

2. How to enroll?

  • After the purchase, the customer has to register and fill in details and upload a school ID with Samsung at the below link.

Click Here to Register

  • A form needs to be filled as shown in the picture below. All details are a must.
  • Please be cautious while providing the serial details/IMEI number to avoid rejection.


Samsung Back to School Registration Form


  • In case the student is a minor (below 18 years), Parents can register with their Name & ID. (School ID should be of the student.)
  • To claim a Samsung pay gift voucher the claimant must be at least 18 years old.


What Next?

Samsung is going to verify the filled details, and upon verification (After 2-3 days), you will receive a confirmation email first. The next day you will receive a PDF file with Samsung Gift card details (i.e. card number/CVV etc). This can be registered in the Samsung Pay app and this card can be used for any purchase. The customer has to be registered in Samsung Pay app to use Samsung Pay Gift Card.