Know all about the shades of epic Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has an astonishing design, especially the Galaxy S22 Ultra with an inbuilt S Pen. How much of that design you show off depends on which color Samsung Galaxy S22 you buy. The new green shade may be the best Samsung has given after 2K15's S6 Edge. You can only swank one phone shade and now's the moment to determine which color you're gonna swank.

  • Last year's olive shade was replaced by a more energetic, lively green that also outshines the Galaxy Z Fold 3's Phantom Green.
  • This naturally stunning shade will turn heads and make onlookers green with envy as you show off your darling new flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Green

  • Burgundy is linked to the Galaxy Note 20's Mystic Bronze color.
  • Rather than giving this supersized phone a tan, it leans more cherry for an enticing shade.  
  • Burgundy is exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Burgundy

  • People love recommending a black phone because everything goes well with black. 
  • Phantom Black, in Samsung Galaxy S22 series, is black done right. 
  • Phantom Black gleams a distinguished graphite gray in the light, but it wanes into inky obsidian when in the shadow. 
  • Phantom Black is tall, dark, and handsome.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Phantom Black

  • Phantom White is the sign of purity! 
  • Yes, white shows everything. Every fraction of dust, every streak of fingertip oils, and every minuscule scratch or scuffs. So does every phone shade! 
  • Phantom White is still a worthwhile color because it presents a neutral canvas for bold-colored bumpers, trendy translucent cases, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Phantom White

  • Pink Gold is a shade of tannish pink that will doubtless appeal to some users. 
  • Pink Gold is pale compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20's Cloud Pink, and it doesn't look rose gold in most lighting.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Pink Gold

  • The S Pen is a black stylus with only the button/stem matching device color. 
  • Color has a definition, and there's nothing worse than getting stuck with one that's boring for the next few years. 
  • The color extract for the Samsung Galaxy S22 line is much more consistent across models. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 colours

  • The Green is a brighter shade that can go deep in the shadows or shine in the light, not to mention it excellently contrasts with the vast majority of Samsung Galaxy S22 cases. 
  • Phantom Black and Phantom White have their place.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra colors

  • Burgundy is exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. 
  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's burgundy, I wish the regular S22 obtained, but at least Ultra users will enjoy this delectable hue.
  • After glimpsing how well you can dress it up or down with clear/accent cases or even just allowing the burgundy camera module shines alongside standard purple, red, and black cases, I can wholeheartedly approve this colorway for fashion-forward Galaxy buffs.  
  • It's not the Very Peri Pantone Color of 2022 — Samsung Galaxy S21 FE's lavender and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 were ahead of the colorful curve, but it can play well with a variety of cool and warm tones for a unique look.